British manufactured product, it comes in a kit comprising:

A 20 meter length of 1 meter wide film folded in half and wound on a spool.

Two bottles of the adhesive.

A slitting knife to quickly cut the dams.

A comprehensive manual with instructions for use with hints and tips for weld purging.

# Description applies to standard Purge Film Kit.

The use of Water Soluble Film for manufacture of purging dams is well proven and the Water Soluble Film gives superior results over all other water soluble products.

It can be used for:

Stainless, Duplex and chrome-molly steels & Titanium.

The purge material makes dams which produce an impenetrable purge barrier but which can easily be washed away when hydrostatic testing of the pipe or just by normal wash out.

It dissolves away completely without leaving any fibres to clog up filters or other sensitive parts in a system and it is strong in all directions so that it can maintain a good gas barrier throughout the purging process.

Trace element certification can be provided to show that purge film does not contain any harmful elements and that the quantity of halides is well below the permissible levels.

The film and adhesive are completely biodegradable and all packaging materials are recyclable.