Manufactured from nylon, an engineering polymer resistant to salt water corrosion and many chemicals gives them a high quality leak tight seal in the selected orifice.

There are two types:

A solid shaft version with five sizes from 0.5 inch up to 1.5 inch.


A hollow shaft version with eleven sizes from 0.5 inch to 6 inch inclusive.

All plugs have:

A central spindle/shaft on which two plates are fitted with a natural rubber tyre/ring between them a wing nut on the shaft moving the two plates together compressing the tire and making the seal in the pipe or orifice.

Natural rubber tyres which can be substituted for different rubbers where additional chemical and/or heat resistance is required.

Alternative rubber rings options are: Silicone, Nitrile & Viton)

Click Download for a PDF on alternative rubber properties.

The hollow shaft version with sizes from 0.5 inch to 6 inches allows:

Water or gas to be injected or drained as required.

Sizes of 1.5 inch and above are threaded with a half inch BSP for the connection of standard nuts/hose fittings is provided with a solid end cap seal are fully demountable for cleaning and parts replacement.

Optional end caps are available with fixed nipples/nozzles for hose connection or free nipples which can rotate when heavier hoses are used.

Note: Due to additional tooling costs we can only offer the following on large bulk plug orders.

1. Where required, we can provide customers with end caps with their logo or company name molded on.

2. We can also manufacture the plug so that the nylon is coloured.